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The Bronze Age Körös Off-Tell Archaeological (BAKOTA) Field School: Undergraduate Training in Fieldwork and Independent Research Reporting in European Archaeology is a summer program sponsored by Quinnipiac University and the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site program (Award N0. 1460820).


We are not currently offering a field school

Please check out the NSF-REU website for other summer research opportunities.

BAKOTA mentor Dr. Jaime Ullinger (with Dr. Lesley Gregoricka) just announced a new bioarchaeology themed NSF-REU!
You can find out more info here!


Questions? Feel free to contact one of the BAKOTA project directors:
Paul Duffy, Ph.D., American co-director (paul.duffy@utoronto.ca)
Julia Giblin, Ph.D., American co-director (Julia.Giblin@quinnipiac.edu)
Györgyi Parditka, M.A., Hungarian co-director (gypardit@umich.edu)
László Paja, Ph.D., Hungarian co-director (laszlo.paja@gmail.com)